Lice Treatments

Getting Rid of Lice

If you (or perhaps someone else in your household) have a pesky case of head lice, your goal probably is to get rid of the wingless insects as soon as possible. Thankfully, there are many options in effective lice treatments out there waiting for you. If you need a head lice treatment that will actually work, you don’t have to worry for a second. You can choose between:

  • Lice combs
  • Lice shampoos
  • Over the Counter Medications
  • Prescription medications
  • Home Remedies
  • Household cleaning

Wet Combing

Wet combing is a classic lice treatment choice. As far as well-known lice treatments go, wet combing is undoubtedly high up on the list. If you opt for this easy head lice treatment, all you have to do is get a nit comb that’s fine-toothed. Use it to comb hair that’s damp. Not only can doing this eliminate lice, but it can also often eliminate nits. Just make sure that the hair is moist. Don’t forget to lubricate it, either. Hair conditioner can be good for lubricating hair. Comb the full affected head from the tips of the hair all the way up to the scalp. Be extremely thorough. Do this a minimum of two times. Do this over and over in intervals of three to four days over a period of a few weeks. Make sure you continue doing this for a minimum of two weeks after you spot the last sign of any lice. While this head lice treatment can sometimes be time-consuming, it often works like a charm.

Lice Shampoos

Lice shampoos with pyrethrins/pyrethrum can be great for getting rid of lice. Pyrethrins function by battling the nervous systems of living lice. Just put a lice shampoo with pyrethrins on fully dry hair. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Put water on, lather and finally, rinse it all off. Carefully follow the directions printed on the product packaging.

Over-the-Counter Medications

Some over-the-counter medications can be great for lice treatment. Permethrin lotion 1% is just one such example. Permethrins attack living lice in manners highly similar to pyrethrins. If you’re using permethrin lotion 1%, apply it over a thoroughly wet head. Let it stay on for 10 minutes. Then rinse the lotion out. Last but not least, comb the hair to remove all signs of nits.

Prescription Medications

Prescription lotions can also be highly effective for destroying lice. A lotion with spinosad may work well. Spinosad refers to a natural insecticide that comes from a bacteria in dirt. Cover the scalp entirely with a spinosad lotion. Then let it sit for approximately 10 minutes. Finally, rinse everything off and then comb the hair.

Home Remedies

Common household products often make great lice treatments. Various types of common household products are frequently used to manage head lice infestations. These types of products (smothering agents) deny incubating eggs and lice alike of much-needed air, and that’s specifically why they work so well. All you have to do is put a suitable household product on the hair, cover it with a standard shower cap and let it remain there for the full duration of the night. Some common household products that are often used as lice treatment choices are olive oil, mayonnaise, butter and last but not least, petroleum jelly. If you keep a well-stocked kitchen, there’s a very good chance you have products that may make terrific lice treatments for you. Refrain from using potentially hazardous products to ever eliminate lice. Flammable products are never appropriate head lice treatment options. Never use gasoline or kerosene as a lice treatment. Never use either of those things to do away with nits, either. They’re simply not safe.

Essential oils are one of the most known lice treatments out there. They, too, often make excellent home remedies. If you’re looking for an easy lice treatment choice, essential oils may just do the trick for you. Various natural plant oils are believed to potentially be toxic to eggs and lice alike. Anise oil, tea tree oil and ylang ylang oil are all examples of essential oils that may make excellent lice treatment options. Nerolidol may also be a strong head lice treatment. This chemical compound is extracted from a number of different plant oils.

Household Cleaning

Household cleaning can also do wonders for doing away with frustrating cases of head lice. Lice generally are unable to survive beyond a single day without scalp feeding. Eggs generally are unable to survive when they fail to receive incubation at the exact temperature close to the scalp. Because of those factors, lice usually can’t stay alive on household items. If you want to be extra careful, you can clean things that the person with lice touched within the past couple days or so. Wash the things they touched using hot water. This applies to stuffed animals, sheets, blankets and attire. Make sure the H20 is soapy, too. Make sure it’s also a minimum of 130 F in temperature. Once you’re through washing these things, dry them using a high heat setting. Be sure to thoroughly clean any hair supplies, as well. This includes brushes, combs, accessories, curling irons and blow dryers. Use soapy and hot water for these purposes, too. If you’re for whatever reason unable to wash an item that the person who has lice has come into contact with recently, put it in a plastic bag and then close and seal it. Keep it in the bag for a span of two weeks. Don’t touch it during this time. Vacuuming can also be helpful for getting rid of pesky lice. Diligently vacuum all of the carpeting in your residence. Also diligently vacuum any upholstered furnishings in your home. If you have a couch in your living room, make sure to vacuum it extremely meticulously. Household cleaning can go a long way for making annoying lice things of the past.